Greek New Testament Ribbon Markers Demystified?


Is it possible to ask questions that have never been asked before? It occurred to me that we sometimes have a tendency to overlook the very obvious riddles of our discipline. Here’s one just to satisfy my own scholarly curiosity: Yesterday I received a brand new copy of The Greek New Testament, Fifth Revised Edition (= UBS 5). Of old, our Greek NT editions are provided with nice ribbon bookmarks. When I unpacked my copy, mine was inserted between pp. 342 and 343, that is, between the Johannine texts on “The Truth Will make You Free” and “Your Father the Devil”. How about yours? (not your father, but your ribbon marker, I mean). Are all these ribbon markers of UBS 5 inserted in the same place? If so, why at this particular place (surely a technical reason), If not, how come? Who’s responsible?


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